Tips for Joyful Energy

I know you are thinking that there is nothing “joyful” about your life as a widow, but here are some simple tips for joyful energy that you can do even while grieving.

  1. Become a list keeper.  There is something calming about writing down everything so that it goes from your widow’s fog brain to paper and is not forgotten.


  1. To feel more connected believe in something more powerful than your pain. Many widows combine their prayers with meditation.  In this day and age it’s as easy as a 20 minute guided meditation on your phone, computer or YouTube, etc.


  1. You won’t find joyful energy if you eat poorly. Research what foods, herbs and vitamins are good for energy and ask your Doctor for some tests to see what your body may be lacking.


  1. Music is powerful. Put on some fun music and dance around the house, take a dance or aerobics class or listen to music while out taking a walk.  I enjoyed line dancing classes (before Covid-19), not just for the exercise but also for the social time with others.


  1. Being a widow is hard as we experience insecurities, heart break and feelings of loneliness. It is hard to overcome our fear of change, but it is possible when we focus on what is possible.  Start to really appreciate where you are, what makes you happy and the things you still have to be grateful for.


  1. Repeat “I am strong enough” slowly 3 times in a row – do throughout the day when you need to find some joyful energy.

Don’t be fooled by how simple these tips are.  When you are grieving everything is hard, and even the energy to get out of bed can be hard to find.  Please give one or two of these simple tips a try, because we need all the joyful energy we can stir up.

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  1. Donna
    | Reply

    These suggestions are helpful. Getting out of the house is an effort some days but have learnt that is okay. I give thanks for so many things I am blessed to have. The hardest is seeing couples going for walks together and shopping together. My husband and myself didn’t do much of that but it sure is a reminder. It’s coming up a year now since he passed away. Does it get easier yes but not all the time. Thankful to have family near by. God bless.

  2. Mary
    | Reply

    It is coming up to a year for me too and as this time approaches, I’m finding things more difficult. The date of my husbands stroke, his days in the hospital and then in hospice keep coming back to me and the grief seems to be new again.

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