Your Attitude Is A Choice

I know you are grieving and you are also thinking, ‘How can I have a good attitude when my world is falling apart’, but the fact still remains that your attitude is a choice.

When I was only fifty, my life was shattered.  Something I thought only happened to older ladies, happened to me – I became a widow.

I’ve seen grief destroy others and I feared that I would become like them.  And while the initial pain was devastating, the worst was yet to come.  Once the numbness faded, I slowly and painfully began to put the pieces of my broken life back together.

We can let our circumstances mold us. Or we can choose our own attitude and rise above our grief.  Attitude is far more important than intelligence, education, talent or luck.  Attitude is a mental outlook, a frame of mind, and is how we think – positive or negative about each day.

The more knowledge we have, the more we realize how much we don’t know, and this is where being open-minded is helpful.  It helps us to understand and to be aware of our own limitations when grieving.  Our greatest freedom and source of strength, is our right to choose our attitude.  That is our most valuable resource and sadly we don’t understand or appreciate it.

We are widows, lost in our grief and nothing can bring us peace and healing until we are ready for it.  The best advice I have is to think with an open mind, think for yourself and think about how your attitude will define your actions moving forward.

Yes, grief is painful, making it too easy to succumb to fear, anger and depression.  But remember that you are amazing and far stronger than your grief.  For us to become who we most deeply want to be, we must look at our life now, even if what we see doesn’t make us happy.

We are in the habit of thinking fearfully of change and it takes discipline to turn our lives around.  We must be who we really are, otherwise we will die without ever reaching the fullness of our lives.

This is a critical time in your life, a time to reach deep into yourself.  Start every morning waking up with a spirit of gratefulness for what you still have.

The only way to be who you really are is to have faith in something bigger than your loss.  We are not on our own, even if it sometimes feels that way.

We have so much power that we don’t tap into.  Power of prayer, power of friends, power of family and power within ourselves.  There is no reason to fear when we have all this power at our finger tips.

We are what we practice.  We become happy when we decide to be happy.  It’s never too late to become who you really are.  Let yourself grieve, take all the time you need, but remember that your attitude is what will determine when and how your broken heart will heal.

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    Thanks for your all your blogs keeps me going. I’m struggling with too much change over the last two years. Mistakes the works.thank you again.

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