The Quiet Cure

It’s impossible to stop the grief, but creating a quiet sanctuary can go a long way towards increasing feelings of peace and reducing stress – the quiet cure.

Silence is the basis of meditation and any widow can create a silent retreat for herself.  A periodic time out, even for a few minutes a day, provides relaxation, improves focus and lessen stress.

It’s not necessary to learn any formal meditation technique.  Just find a quiet spot and focus on your breath for several minutes.

Meditation can lead to healing in multiple ways.  First, it helps us let go of mental blocks that are no longer serving us.  Meditation will help you have faith in yourself, gently nudging away bad habits.

The quiet cure helps disrupt the cycle of self-criticism.  It helps you to notice how often you are dismissive of yourself: “I’m weak, I’m overweight, I’m too old, I will always be lonely, etc.”

Once you realize this, you can slowly release negative judgements.  You can sit with your thoughts and find a peaceful place to develop compassion for yourself.  All this begins with just a few minutes of meditation a day.

Spend some time managing your stress so you that you can become an active person in your life instead of a victim of it.  Quiet time, is saying that you need to take care of yourself.  Manage your stress rather than succumb to it, and you’ll find that joy in not nearly as elusive as you might think.

It is not a betrayal of those you have lost if you heal your wounds, move forward with your life, and find peace.  You will always carry your memories with you, and that is the way it should be.

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