A Widow’s Life

It’s hard to talk about positive change to widows.  I understand, life sure turned out differently than I thought it would when I got married.  But believe it or not – change is part of a widow’s life and we all face it.

Finding out what we want in life isn’t easy.  We all have our own ideas of what we think we need for us to be happy.  For some widows it’s having financial security or starting to date again, and for others it is enjoying good health, or developing a spiritual sense of well-being.  For some it can mean feeling safe, having a loving family and doing something worthwhile with their future.

But change is uncomfortable and widows are just trying to get used to being on their own.  It’s important to realize the difference between being busy and being productive.  Put your energy where you want improvement.  Don’t keep doing the same things over and over again, and wonder why things don’t get any better.

Gather your courage and use your imagination to paint the most believable vision, with the most realistic details, of you finding and enjoying your little piece of this world.

The truth is that in life things change and they are never the same again.  That’s part of life!  Life moves forward, and if you have the courage you will control it.

Whenever you start to get discouraged remind yourself that the changes you are making, as uncomfortable as it is in this moment, are in reality much better than simply letting your life drift by.

Widows may be afraid, more often than they like to admit, even to themselves.  They aren’t always sure what they are afraid of, but in their grieving state, they are often fearful of going on alone.

Moving in a new direction (change) will free you so that you can make a better future for yourself.  You can believe that “change” will harm you and resist it.  Or you can believe in your future, have faith in yourself and embrace the “change”.  You choose!!

  1. Lilbrydas
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    This so reached me, because this is exactly how I’m feeling now. It has only been 1 LONG year for me since I lost my husband, but it already seems like a lifetime. I am scared of what my future holds for me.

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