How to Feel at Peace

Although everyone goes through stress in life, finding peace while grieving is definitely personal to each widow.  How to “feel at peace” isn’t easy, but it is a necessary part of our journey so that our hearts can heal.

Some widows turn to spiritual reading, whether it’s the bible or something inspirational.  Meditation and exercise are also good for you, plus being out in nature or listening to music can have the same calming effect.

Widows are often overwhelmed by fear of change, fear of not having enough, and so on.  To face your fears you need to give yourself permission to feel your feelings.

Learning to accept your flaws is key to finding peace and self-confidence.  Accept that you are human and so will never be perfect.  Accept that your body is aging or that you have made some mistakes or hurt someone’s feelings.  In the past you may have beaten yourself up, but going forward, give yourself some loving kindness.  It’s so freeing!

Discover true peace with some girl time.  Friendships are better when they connect through imperfections and vulnerability.  That can only happen through real intimacy, grace and non-judgment.  When we open up to a friend, it gets our pain out in the open so that we can find the peace we need to heal our broken hearts.

Depression caused by our grief adds to our feelings of being lost and hopeless.  A severe depressive episode will steal your peace, but a free way to bring it back is to walk outside for just ten minutes.  No excuses, if you can walk, you can do this.  After doing this every day for three days, increase the time outside to twenty minutes.

After a couple of weeks, you will realize that you are feeling more at peace.  When you feel a wave of sadness, get up to walk (inside if weather is bad) and the weight will lift off your shoulders.

Walking will also help you choose a healthier life style in other ways.  You will feel better and have the energy to look at your food choices, de-cluttering your home and getting a checkup from your doctor.

Lack of “feeling at peace” can be debilitating, but you can take control of your life by walking – it’s free and you can start at your own pace.  Having something you can control, such as choosing to walk, is a great way to take back some control over your life.

Check with your doctor and put yourself first.  If not now, when?

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