Live Like a Child

Learning to live like a child is easy, just be curious like a child and keep at it until you have it figured out.

Learn to get excited like a child. Oh, the magic of a child’s excitement.  You can almost feel it on Christmas morning when they first wake up.  They are so excited they could explode – never get so old that you lose that excitement.

Faith is 100% for a child – no holding back.  As widows we can be overly skeptical and cynical.  Be like a child and have faith that you can get anything and do anything if you are curious like a child and never give up.

Take action as soon as you think of something.  Do it before the feeling passes and before the idea dims.  If you don’t do something when your emotion is high the urgency starts to diminish.  Take action when the emotions are high and the idea is strong, clear and powerful.

If you read a good book on health and you’re motivated by it, take action.  Shop for healthy food, exercise – take some kind of action, otherwise what you’ve learned is wasted.

The key is to increase your motivation by quickly setting up new habits.  By doing so you’re starting a whole new life process.  One of the greatest temptations is to wait for that perfect moment or to do just a little less than you’re best.  But holding back, diminishes our self-worth.

Once that happens, it’s harder to regain your self-respect.  So, act now!  Make the commitment: “I will discipline myself to take action, always giving it 100%.”

The main point is to take a step today as a child full of curiosity.  Start setting your first goal today – write out steps to take.  Start de-cluttering a room, one drawer or shelf today. Start writing…today.  See how many activities you can commit to.

It’s a new day, a new beginning (although not planned or wanted) and as a widow a new future.  Your challenge is to see what you can start and follow through to the end.

You can’t let more than a day go by without assessing how things are progressing.  By the end of the week review the activities taken and how productive they were.  Even if it is just not lying in bed so you don’t have to deal with the world, but instead getting out of bed one hour earlier than usual.

Ask yourself, “Am I making progress and will it take me where I want to go?”

And lastly, trust like a child.  Believe in the good and let your troubles fall away.  Learning to sleep like a baby, trusting that tomorrow is another day.  You must focus on what you can do, not on what you can’t do.  When you do this you not only inspire yourself, you also inspire those around you.

Don’t let others control your future or let it just happen.  Take control of what you can, because unless YOU change, life won’t change.

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  1. Gabrielle Karl
    | Reply

    I absolutely love every part of this. Thank you!!

  2. pattyann1820
    | Reply

    So very true!

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