Holiday Guide

Holiday Guide – page 28.  Forget about what’s possible and what’s impossible. Let your mind drift as you think about all the possibilities.

Here are a few worldly gifts to get you thinking:

  • The gift of understanding and not being too quick to judge others.
  • The gift of laughter so we can enjoy each other’s company.
  • The gift of a smile because it makes us all look beautiful.
  • The gift of forgiveness because we all make mistakes.
  • The gift of peace, unconditional love and acceptance of others.
  • The gift of optimism so we can never lose hope.
  • The gift of purpose so we have something to get out of bed for.


What gift would you give the world? 

What can you do personally to make this gift possible for someone you know or for a stranger?


Here are a few things to think about – not easy but worth going for:

  • I will not disagree out loud unless it is absolutely necessary.
  • I will look at people when they are talking.
  • I won’t interrupt or change
  • I will decrease “I, Me, My” and increase my use of “You, Your”.
  • I will value people by knowing their likes, values and needs.
  • I will be generous with sincere praise to at least 3 people daily.
  • I will work at thanking people – for the big and little things.


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