Time Matters For Widows

Time matters for widows – age has given me a sense of clarity and appreciation that I didn’t have in my younger years.  Don’t listen to the myth that you can buy this or that product to be young again, or that things will make you happy.

You are not the same woman you were before the death of your spouse.  This loss has put you on a different path.  So, what you do now with your time does matter.

Sadly, many terrible things are happening all around us.  The least we can do is make sure we are not drawn into the negatives and drama of the world.

If you think about it, your present moment is the only time there is.  We rob ourselves of a full experience of the present if we focus our thoughts on the past or worry about our future.

Time matters, years go by faster as we age.  To value time we need to be free of the chain of regrets and heal by living fully in the present.

If we have faith in a positive life force (with whatever name you are comfortable with), we are able to relax and just let the moment in which we live give us comfort and wisdom.

Yes, we need our grief time, but we cannot heal by seeking it in a past we cannot change or a future we have little control over.  Healing can be found only in the present moment.  Healing of our broken hearts comes when we accept our life – what it was, is and will be.

That doesn’t mean widows forget their past or don’t make plans for the future.  The place of power, is the time between both past and future – your present moment.

Grief presses upon us as we miss them, their comfort, understanding and love – but time matters and every present moment gives us a chance to begin our lives again.  We have the gift of time, please accept and honour it because it’s a gift our loved ones no longer have.

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  1. Sharon Irwin
    | Reply

    I do not usually comment on a post but this one hit me with clarity. I needed to read this at this moment.

  2. Carol LaBurt
    | Reply

    So inspiring. I’ll be one year out in several weeks and at a crossroads. I love all of your thoughts and advice but will read this one over and over. Thank you. 💕

  3. Valencia Smith
    | Reply

    Wow…this is so true

  4. Cynthia meyer
    | Reply

    Beautifully said, thank you

  5. CP
    | Reply

    No, they live in the eternal realm not restricted by time, a much better place to be.

  6. Sarah
    | Reply

    Your words are so true. Thank you for writing them. I lost my husband 3 months ago and I am floundering. Experiencing Incredible sadness, lack of motivation, feeling very lost, and still finishing paperwork. I am in the process of setting goals for myself, but I have to be honest in saying that I often find myself just sitting and staring into space. Please tell me this gets better and I will find some motivation and desire to participate in life again.

    • Mary Francis
      | Reply

      Yes, Sarah it does get better but first grief has to have it’s time. Don’t try to rush grief as it’s an important part of your journey.

      In time your broken heart will start to heal and you will find yourself seeing some light at the other side of this dark tunnel of grief.

      Mary Francis

  7. Deena Hefland
    | Reply

    Thank you for these insights, I do not always think about the present enough, and worry too much. Blessings to you and to the wonderful Sisterhood you have given us all.

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