Master Your Moods

Yes, you need to grieve and no you should never hide your pain or moods to suit other people.  It’s never going to be easy to master your moods, but you need to focus on what you can control.

You may wonder if there is some magic formula out there for happiness after the loss of a spouse.  The short answer is “No, there is no magic fix.”  However, there are ways to focus on our moods (without prescription drugs), using our character traits, attitudes and habits to master our moods.

It’s important for your mental health to learn how to master your moods. Widows need to grieve and while doing so their moods will reflect their pain.  But we also need to alleviate conditions such as depression and anxiety as they will block us from moving from grieving to healing.

Countless therapies are starting to move in the direction of focusing on our strengths instead of on our short comings.  Finding ways to use your character strengths on a daily basis will lead to you feeling better about your life.

The reason is simple – doing something well makes you feel good and lifts your mood and self-worth.  No one is happy all the time, but if you are always struggling it helps to talk about it with the positive people in your life.

Scientists have found a direct lead to happiness from positive connections we have with others.  The best tips on how to master your mood are; to hang around positive people, do good deeds for others, to be grateful and to learn something new.

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    Wow, thank you for this uplifting and helpful advice.

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