Start A Journal

If you start a journal it has to be workable for you, in the life you are presently living.  If that means doing it first thing in the morning, or last thing in the evening, great!!  If it means only journaling every second day, or just on weekends, that’s also great!!

Most widows write in a journal as the physical act of writing is more real to them then their new life as a widow.  What matters is that it fits well with your life, because than it’s more likely to be done and not left to chance.

If you do not already have a journal, find a blank book that has a motivational message or picture on the cover that speaks to you.  If cheap and simple doesn’t work for you, find a beautiful journal that makes you smile and invites you to open it when you look at the cover.

If you have never used a journal, this is an opportunity to try it and see for yourself what value it has for you.  Give it at least two weeks, and after that you decide if you want to keep going.  If you do stop just put the journal aside so that you can restart it at a later date.

Record at least one victory a week in your journal.  A victory, no matter how small, is powerful as it moves you in the direction of a goal you have set for yourself.  Recording victories as positive reference points, helps you to see the progress you have already made. This is important in times of doubt and discouragement.

Write down any obstacles, inner or outer, that might get in your way.  Think about and write down ideas on what you can do about any obstacles you have written down.  Now try out those ideas and write down your victories.

Remember, we are meant to live in the present moment – the only moment there is for us to be alive.  It is in the “here and now” that life really happens, we engage with what matters, open to ourselves and others, and start to experience joy.

Journaling is bringing ourselves to the recognition that life is happening right now, and it awakens us to stand up and notice.  It takes more awareness than we ordinarily bring to a given moment.

Write from your heart and tell your truth.

Mary Francis


  1. Gay Roberts
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    I will buy a pretty journal and start . ThankYou!

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