Tips for Mental Health

Grief is not a sickness, but a healthy and normal reaction to losing a loved one.  But grief does affect our mental lookout and so we need to ask ourselves – What are some good tips for mental health?

  1. Seek out people that have a sense of humor, are positive and are not into “drama”. Laughter is one of the most important things in fighting depression and sadness.


  1. Take long walks outside, preferably on a nature trail or near water.


  1. Don’t wait for people or events to help you, but rather look for things you can do for yourself. You can take little steps that will make big changes.


  1. Make a few smart changes in the way you eat. Don’t overwhelm yourself – keep it simple.


  1. Before you go to bed write out the positives of your day – and yes you have some!


  1. Take some mini digital “vacations”. Fill in your freed up time with screen free creative projects, writing, puzzles, reading, walking, meditations and even naps.  Little breaks can ease your eye strain, fatigue, brain fog and lack of sleep.


  1. We are all searching for a purpose in life, so share a kindness and it will bring a light into your darkness. This light will help you find something to do that you enjoy and can share with others.


  1. Did you have a crummy day? Don’t stay up late fretting about it.  Instead, soak in the bath and go to bed early, telling yourself that you will tackle your problems in the morning.  There is something empowering about starting with a clean slate, and its endless possibilities.


I’ve always found that gratitude is my best tool for changing my mood.  Appreciating simple things, writing in my journal and having hobbies I enjoy – for me, those things are my keys to joy.  Add in my friends and I know that I will be going through challenging time with the support and encouragement that I need.

Mary Francis, The Sisterhood of Widows

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  1. Tracey Costello
    | Reply

    I have done all of these things and I’m glad I did. It keeps me sane. I keep a journal next to me always. When bad feelings start to overwhelm me I write. Most of my writings make no sense but when I’m done I feel much better. It clears my mind for sleep or gives me the push I need to get dressed and take a walk or call a friend. Your posts are very helpful and have helped me get through bad times.

  2. Georgina
    | Reply

    Inspiring! I see a glimpse of light. Thank you!

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