A Widow’s Journal

A widow’s journal is a private place to express her inner fears, thoughts and feelings.  By writing it all out you will come closer to understanding who you are and who you want to be going forward.  Your insights and inner most secrets will be recorded for your eyes only.


Do not underestimate the power of writing as a lifeline to sanity while you’re grieving.  Writing allows you to vent, untangle your feelings and celebrate whenever you can.

What do you do if you have nothing to say, have no opinions worth expressing?  Write about anything and everything, don’t worry if it’s not related to your grieving as it is all part of your journey.  Go wherever your thoughts take you.

Start a sentence with, “Today I feel…” and then finish the sentence. Then do it again, and again, and you are journaling.

Your truths are longing to come out.  See what it can do for you!

Mary Francis, The Sisterhood of Widows

  1. Lanora W Lowry
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    Thank you so much for sharing this, I am really feeling depress today my husband birthday tomorrow he would have been 70 married for 39 years and he has been gone for 8 years now so young just wanted to thank you and I’m going to try this

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