Spirit Of a Widow

I want to inspire “The Spirit of a Widow” in you so you can see yourself as a strong woman who can overcome her fears and trials.

I know you can boldly face “widowhood” and can handle difficulties with courage.  No matter what you are going through you do not have to let it overwhelm you.  You just need to develop your inner spirit.

Resisting our grief does not ony mean that we merely want our difficulties to go away, but it could mean that we are not yet be ready to heal our broken hearts.  First we have to be strong enough to let ourselves grieve.  Only then will we be able to start the healing part of our journey.

Doing “okay” is not good enough because we need to live life, determined to see it all the way through to the finish.  As a widow I think one of the greatest testimonies we can have is to say these three words: “I’m still here.”  When we say these words, we are saying that we will not quit or give up.  Be inspired by the widows who have done amazing things because they pressed through their grief.

Whatever you are facing, I urge you to confront them and deal with them.  Face them with the strong “Spirit of a Widow” and you will find yourself in a place of greater wisdom and peace.  I know that this is a difficult period of adjustment, and that going from wife to widow means that you have to hold steady.  Draw on your spirit, go back to what’s in your heart and commit to action – no matter what.

I fully believe healing is linked to the way you handle adversity.  If you allow difficulties, loneliness and fear to intimidate or discourage you, you will never move forward.  You need to face them head-on, never giving up and moving forward with the strong “Spirit of a Widow”, developing the skills to be everything you were meant to be.

There will be times when you begin to move forward and do what is right, but there will be opposition.  We really must be determined and not give up too easily.  We all get a little bit discouraged, but stand strong through the storm and keep doing what you believe in your heart to be right for you.

Mary Francis, The Sisterhood of Widows

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  1. Wilhelmenia Daniel
    | Reply

    Thank you for that message although my heart is heavy I hope one day I will stop crying I can’t seem to hear anything except my husband’s spirit voice around me I just don’t know what to do with this grief he was my life and my heart

  2. Katie Green
    | Reply

    Thank you for today’s reading. It was inspirational and spoke powerfuls words into my soul. Some days are more painful than others for me. But, I get myself up everyday and leave the house. For me I have noticed on the weekends I feel the pain of loss and the absence of my husband, which increases my feelings of loneliness.
    I am learning how to replace the saddness with happiness.

  3. Toni
    | Reply

    Thank you so much for this.

  4. Judy
    | Reply

    Three months ago I lost my husband after 51 years,I’m so bitter he fell and broke his foot and our hospital could not provide a boot for his foot and as a result he got pheumonia. Such neglect.

  5. RealDeal
    | Reply

    Mary, this talks to me because I am having a difficult time right now. I am trying to workout holiday time with my in-laws and my Mom and siblings, things are changing now that my spouse has passed, but my daughter is having a hard time adjusting to these changes. I am trying to not to feel guilty, but it is so hard.

    • Judy
      | Reply

      As a recent widow I struggle to look ahead. I know I need to give it time.

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