Leap of Faith

Take a Leap of Faith

What if you had no fear of failing, of being alone or being disapproved by others? All this is the worst case scenario that we all fear when we take a leap of faith.

It’s not unusual for widows to base almost every decision on fear of rejection, poverty or making a mistake. You gain more clarity by getting into the habit of imagining the choices you could make if you had no fear. Going to a fearless place in your imagination will show you clearly which decisions have energy and which are not worth going for.

Is it worth taking a leap of faith for? If following your heart’s desire seems crazy, then not following it could mean living with regret for never even trying. Wouldn’t you rather take a leap of faith?

The leap from just thinking about it to your calendar is that moment of commitment. It’s just that simple – set a date for taking a step towards your heart’s desire. Tell others about your commitment, most will happily support your decision. However some may not, so listen carefully to their advice but follow your own heart. Calm their fears by telling them that all is well and reassure them that this is the path you want to take.

The more leaps of faith you take the more confidence you will gain. Sure there may be times when you crash but you will grow stronger because of it. If you never leap how will you find your new path?

Mary Francis, The Sisterhood of Widows

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  1. Toni Burke
    | Reply

    Thank you Mary Frances, I have a little bit more confidence with your insightful post.

  2. Dolly Lilly
    | Reply

    How did you know? What a sweet revelation is this letter. Thank you. I’m so grateful you say what we feel. Twice this week I went ahead and did something “afraid” and it turned out better than I could have imagined.

  3. Beth Finkelstein
    | Reply

    Thank you, so very helpful!

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