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Prescription For Good Health

With age and the inevitable loss of friends and relatives, we need to increase our efforts to make new friends. So here is my prescription for good health: “Try to have a variety of different friends and be a good friend to others”.

As we age we may spend more time alone in our home. This, of course only adds to our isolation and worsens our loneliness. Do everything you can to keep up your present friendships and strike up new ones. We flourish best when we interact meaningfully and emotionally with other people.

Try to maintain a nonjudgmental attitude towards the people and events around you. Doing this prevents you from prematurely narrowing your interests and closing your mind to new things worth learning. But be careful that being open doesn’t cause you to relinquish your moral and ethical principles.

Bottom line – good health means getting out of the house and spending time with others. Friends bring out the best in life and it’s true that laughter will bring us good health.

Mary Francis, The Sisterhood of Widows

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    How to get over losing a. Love One.Soon three years .

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