Telehealth for Widows

Covid created a growth in “telehealth for widows” who are looking for treatments while staying in the safety of their homes.

A wide array of health concerns can be dealt with by a simple phone call, computer facetime, skype or Zoom call.  If you are not comfortable with this new type of health care, don’t be timid about letting them know.

Pick what works best for you and don’t worry as they will tell you what will work best and how to download anything you may need.  If it is also a visual call make sure you have access to good light in case they want to inspect your rash or any irritations like swollen glands.  Also make sure you have a quiet spot, no back ground T.V., children or pets to intrude on the call.

Doctors will give you all their focus in this “one on one” telehealth connection, and seem to take more time with patients.  The most common calls are for colds, rashes, UTI’s and medicine refills.

Ahead of the call make sure all your equipment is working.  If using a computer make sure your Wi-Fi speed is good, close out any open programs and apps that are running in the background.  Also, consider using headphones with a microphone so you can hear better and they can hear you.

Get prepared by writing down your health concern and it’s symptoms before the call.  Have handy a list of all your current medications, existing health issues and your current pharmacy.  Also, if the call is not visual, ask if you can take pictures and send them beforehand so they can see your symptoms (rash etc) before they call you.

If this is a mental health call share everything you are feeling.  If you are sharing your home with others make sure you have privacy, even if you have to take the call in your car.  Jot down and ask questions about what is best for you.  Ask about treatments, future calls or possible referrals.

Don’t let anyone rush you, take your time and make sure you get the help you need.  Telehealth for widows is just another option for you to consider.  It’s not for everyone, but it just may be a perfect fit for you.

Mary Francis, The Sisterhood of Widows

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