Relationship Myths

Relationship myths often confuse a widow if she starts dating again.

Below is a link to my YouTube video on Relationship Myths that I did in 2023.

Relationship Myths like:

  • There is only one true love.
  • If the relationship is right there will be no problems.
  • That you will know they are it on the first date.
  • That powerful sex means love. The truth is for a relationship to work there needs to be a commitment and some common interests.

Mary Francis, The Sisterhood of Widows
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5 Responses

  1. Tina M Jones
    | Reply

    As I’m in the second year of my husband’s passing, I realized how spoiled I truly was. I met aan who is awesome, he truly is but the facts are he’s no Romeo. His past relationships were abusive and he doesn’t know how to give love much less receive it. I need to be careful what I say or how I say it…he just doesn’t understand…it’s very frustrating and painful on my part. It’s been nearly a year now and not a lot of progress and if there is progress it goes back several steps n were right back where we were. To be honest it almost seems like I’d be better off alone. But I’m not yet ready to give up on him or us…but I’m getting very frayed.

  2. Barbara Henry
    | Reply

    I am so grateful that my sister invited me to join your group. It has been very helpful and encouraging. I still struggle with the loss and miss him every day. When he began to have health problems, I became his caregiver for several years. When he became too weak and collapsed 3 times, I had to call 911. They took him to the hospital and from there he went to rehab. He was a child onset diabetic and his kidneys were affected which eventually affected his heart. I’m grateful to all those who took care of him during those last years. I just wasn’t ready to say goodbye ???? ????.

  3. Mary
    | Reply

    I am two and a half years since losing my Gary. He was my one and only. Even thinking about being with someone else feels like I would be cheating on him. I will be 72 this week and I feel like unmarried men my age are probably looking for a nurse, and have ex wives, dead wives, children, step children, grand children…I don’t want to be anybody’s mommy, granny or nurse. I am never getting married and changing my name again. I am content with my kitties, my sisters, sister in law, my garden, my crafts, my books and a few close friends I am his until we meet again in Heaven. But I wish you all luck and love in your future relationships. Be brave. Be strong. Be well. XOX

  4. Deborah Catherine Usry
    | Reply

    I am three years out and my new love, a widower is moving into my home. I love him, and enjoy his company, but it’s not easy. It’s a whole new learning experience, but I am hopeful. Patience is a real attribute. I do not believe this would be possible if he too had not lost his spouse of 54 years. My experience reminds me that going into a new relationship isn’t easy. We cannot expect to relive the relationship that has been left behind. And, it’s okay to continue to love and weep over the passing of your husband, while appreciating and loving a new man.

  5. Dianne
    | Reply

    I recently lost my husband. We discussed often what we would do when one of us passed. I married late in life and I enjoyed every moment of my single life.I have no intention of ever marrying again or dating. I don’t need that. And I am grateful that I was a very independent single woman and that my husband of 39 years was proud of that and continually encouraged it. People keep saying how strong I am. I am falling back on what I already learned.

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