Healthy Relationships - A Free Guide for Widows

This free guide by Mary Francis will give you tips and advice for managing the relationships in your life, helping you find happiness. We are at our best when our relationships are positive. The guide will help you figure out why your relationships might be blocking your happiness, and what to do about it.

Not only will this guide help you figure out how to build and maintain healthy relationships with others, it will also help you improve your relationship with yourself.

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   Table of Contents

2.Neuro-Linguistic Programming
3.7 Key People We Need
4.Friendships to Detox
5.Are You Comparing Yourself?
6.How to Make Friends
7.Pets - Our Greatest Friend
8.“Face to Face” Friendships
9.Family Stress
10.Getting Unstuck
11.Let’s Not Argue
12.Guiding Principles
13.What to do with a “Know-It-All”
14.Helping Friends Change
15.Is Honesty the Best Practice?
16.It’s Okay to Be Wrong
17.Courage to Love
18.Dating Again
19.Are You Appreciated?
20.Gossip Can Hurt
21.Privacy is Important
22.Be a Better Friend
23.Trust Your Instincts
24.Two Sides to Every Story
27.“I will” List of People Skills
28.Vitamin “F” for Friends
29.The Cost of Caring
30.Why Do They Think That Way?
31.Know Yourself
32.10 Questions that Inspire
33.Why do Friends Drift Away?
34.Positive Friends
35.The Power of Groups
36.Resources for Healthy Relationships