Develop A Support Team

A support team will help you through this differcult time. Friends, family, a counselor or therapist, and trusted financial professionals can all help you gather information, review, make decisions, file paperwork or simply be there for you when you need … Read More

Couple friends change when your a widow.

One thing that I noticed when I became a widow is that couple friends slowly moved away from me. They didn’t plan to be mean but after all I was no longer “a couple” and so I didn’t fit into … Read More

How To Keep A Positive Mindset.

For the full article signup for my newsletter on this website. Meanwhile here are my five top tips: 1. Stay around positive people. 2. Acknowledge your fear and write out three action steps to overcome it. 3. Read over your … Read More

The Northern Light Newspaper

The Northern Light newspaper did an article for when I spoke at the Bathurst Heritage Museum on November 21, 2010. The women were amazing and we had quite an active conversation about how life changes when you lose someone you … Read More

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