Keep a Journal

Please keep a journal and write out all your thoughts – the good, the bad and the ugly.  Every six months go back and read over your writings.  Widows seldom see the halting and painful steps by which the most … Read More

Are Widows Invisible?

Are Widows Invisible?  Being a widow changes how we think about ourselves and how the world looks at us.   It’s been years for me but sometimes I still feel like I’m half here and that if I’m not careful … Read More

Being a Hopeful Widow

Being a hopeful widow is what we all strive for.  There is just as much chance that the best will come to you in any situation, as it is that the worst will happen. So why not be hopeful! Sometimes … Read More

Time to Move?

Is it time to move?  Moving from the home you shared with your husband to a new place is never easy and a widow may not even be sure if a move is the right thing to do. I really miss … Read More

First Few Years As a Widow

In my first few years as a widow I searched out women who were years into widowhood and asked them to revisit that period in their lives.  They made themselves available to me and shared their deepest feelings. It was … Read More

My Relationships

How do you relate to the most important people in your life? Ask yourself “Do I get what I need from my relationships?” and “Am I investing enough time and effort in my relationships?” In each of your relationships (family … Read More

What is Your Legacy?

What is your legacy going to be? What an awesome question!  I wonder what my late husband, Donnie, would have thought about this question.  I think he would have considered his strong work ethics to be his legacy to our … Read More

Widows Need Support

Widows need support and encouragement. These 7 people are key to your grieving in a healthy way.  I talk about this on page 3 of my Relationship Guide, which is Free as a download from my website. Below is a … Read More

Lives Are Forever Changed

We were married but now we are single and our lives are forever changed.  People often ask me how I handled being a wife and then a widow.  The truth is I didn’t handle it well, but I thought I … Read More

Feeling Disconnected From God

I’m feeling disconnected from God because of my grief.  What can I do? It’s not unusual for everything in your life to be unbalanced, even your faith, when you lose a loved one. Spiritual Symptoms When Grieving: Anger at God … Read More

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