I Know How You Feel

The reason we should never say “I Know How You Feel” in response to someone else’s reaction to death is because you can never really know how someone else feels. Even if you have had a similar experience, you still … Read More

Detached Widow

You’ll know that you’re a detached Widow and out of touch with how you feel when others seem more emotional then you. You may feel disconnected and emotionally unavailable. If you want to talk to a professional then get a … Read More

Valentine’s Day

If you are single on Valentine’s Day then treat yourself because you are worth it.  Below is a link to my YouTube post from my “Dating Guide, page 3 – Relationship Baggage”. If you have decided to start dating please … Read More

Life of Passion

I’ve thought of this a lot in the years since I’ve become a widow. What is a life of passion? I think it’s a joyful life but that’s hard to find after the death of a loved one. Everything is … Read More

Widow’s Capacity

A Widow’s Capacity to Keep Going As widows we need to learn to take satisfaction in the small steps we take towards healing.   The most content widows I know take joy where they can find it.  Having something to look … Read More

Relationship Myths

Relationship myths often confuse a widow if she starts dating again. Below is a link to my YouTube video on Relationship Myths that I did in 2023. Relationship Myths like: There is only one true love. If the relationship is … Read More

Good Boundaries

A lot happens after our loved one’s death but in the midst of it all we need to understand that setting good boundaries is necessary so that others don’t control our dreams.  It’s important that you don’t base your life … Read More


When the need is there, it is natural to do all that is required for a loved one, but later the caregivers underlying health issues may begin to surface.  If you have cared for your loved one, than all your … Read More

Saying Goodbye

Saying good-bye to a dying loved one — what to talk about, when, and how — doesn’t come naturally to most of us. All they ask of us is what people appreciate hearing at any time of life: words of … Read More

Health of Widows

Before their husbands death the health of widows is often overlooked because they are often caregivers. Even if it was a sudden death, widows have low energy and their grief affects their health. Widows need to care for themselves, physically, … Read More

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