Does Their Opinion Count?

It always surprises me how hard supposedly well-intended friends and family will work to insert themselves, uninvited into every detail of a widows life. They should find some other way to entertain themselves besides messing around in the personal life … Read More

In Pursuit of Happiness

A Widow’s basic needs are fairly simple: Love – belonging, friendships, involvement Power – being in control, recognition, skill Fun – Laughter, play, enjoyment, hobbies Freedom – having a choice, independence, money, health Love means belonging, relationships at work, social … Read More

Financial Do’s and Don’ts

Here is some advice for widows that are thinking about getting into a new relationship.  Couples need to address money issues early if they have any hope of sustaining a happy relationship. Hold on to your independence:  No matter how long … Read More

One of the 9 Best Blogs for Widows

I just received this message  I wanted to pass it on to my loyal followers: “ has named you as one of the “9 Best Blogs for Widows.” The rankings were published this morning, and we’ll be promoting it on-site … Read More

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