Brain Fog That Widows Get

Tired of forgetting things? Some call it “widow brain fog” because widows are truly in a fog when grieving. I remember driving pass my road on the way home and we had lived there for most of our twenty-seven married … Read More

Success -What Does It Mean To You?

Widows need something to focus on something beside their grief, to heal their broken hearts.  Success doesn’t have to be big, lots of money or fame.  Success can just be doing something that brings you joy. Here are some characteristics … Read More

Does Their Opinion Count?

It always surprises me how hard supposedly well-intended friends and family will work to insert themselves, uninvited into every detail of a widows life. They should find some other way to entertain themselves besides messing around in the personal life … Read More

Can Widows Really Listen

We communicate with others on a daily basis, so why does it feel like we widows aren’t connecting with them? As a widow, when you need to address something unsetting, do you find it best to wait until you feel … Read More

Being A Widow Isn’t Easy

Those early days of widowhood I’d just as soon forget, but all the pain and loss has shaped who I am today and is why I’m here to be part of your own journey. I provide valuable information, support and … Read More

Feel The Pain Of Your Grief

As a widow you need to tell the truth about your emotions and you have to allow yourself to feel your grief. No matter how painful it may be, the first and best way to grieve is to allow yourself … Read More

If You Have No Peace

If you have no peace, nothing is right and life is unsettled.  Watch the animals, when nothing works for them, they curl up or stretch out and just surrender to the moment. Most widows, on the other hand, rest in … Read More

Let Your Dreams Lead You

Widows forget to dream, they lose their sense of joy when their loved one is gone.  What you have to learn is that you deserve all the good things in life! Your dreams deserve another try.  It’s easy to blame … Read More

Unpleasant People In Your Life

Widows don’t have the energy it takes to deal with unpleasant people and their thoughtless comments.  Here are some strategies to help you lessen the impact that their behavior has on your life: Limit your exposure to their nasty behaviour. … Read More

What Do You Choose?

Widows can do less, have less, read and grow less. Be less disciplined and lead less of a life or widows can become all that they can be. Read everything, earn more, give and share as much as they can … Read More

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