Being a Responsible Widow

When your loved one dies, to say that your life will change is the greatest of all understatements. Your life will be torn apart; mentally, physically, financially and spiritually. Immediately after their death, don’t let anyone rush you into making … Read More

Organize Your Precious Memories

Nothing means more to us widows than the memories of our loved ones: dating, marriage, children, travel and the list goes on. Therefore, nothing should be more important than organizing those memories. Here are a few simple rules to follow … Read More

How do I make sense of my husband’s death?

Widows are knocked off balanced when they lose their loved ones, but we must get back into living our life and not just existing. It helps to make some goals for your new future as a single person.  Your goals … Read More

Is Fear Your Dominant Emotion?

After we lose our husbands we are unbalanced and being a “widow” is a strange new role. I was surprised to find that a dominant emotion for me was fear. Fear that I would never emerge from the emotional fog. … Read More

Talking To Yourself

You have to step outside your comfort zone and challenge your desire to be risk free and safe. You may have to have a heart-to-heart talk to yourself. It’s time for change and to get up out of that rut … Read More

Is it Better or Worse if They Die Suddenly?

Is it better or worse how they died….suddenly or after months or years of suffering? We often wrestle with this question and I’ve learned to accept it’s all the same but different and no matter what it was, we would … Read More

A Widows “Stages Of Grief” – Do They Exist?

There is nothing like video’s for telling our stories and sharing information for widows. “Stages of Grief” has been under dispute these last few years.  To hear more about this please go to my YouTube channel and watch what I … Read More

Who Supports Widows?

The questions below will help you identify the strengths and weaknesses in your present network: Name 3 people you call when your down and need encouragement: ________________________________   2. ________________________________   3. ________________________________   Do these people usually make you … Read More

Letting Go of Your Hurts and Pains

We live in a society that loves to make excuses, and one of our favorite phrases is “It’s not my fault.” But the truth is, if we are bitter and resentful, it’s because we are allowing ourselves to remain that … Read More

Advice Widows Have Found Helpful

You will be feeling a considerable amount of emotional pain and it’s normal not to want to be around others in the initial months following their death. While we are grieving we are not our usual selves and you may … Read More

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