To Take A Risk As A Widow

When Donnie first died I was always busy because I didn’t want to deal with it. I was scared of sitting home all the time and getting into a rut. I had this strong sense that I couldn’t take a … Read More

To be independent

It's my sincere hope that my book "The Sisterhood of Widows" will encourage you to choose independence over dependence … to free yourself from grief… and to choose, above all, to live your life with purpose and passion rather than … Read More

Time to Grieve

I was out last night and I ended up setting beside a widow (it's amazing how many of us are out there). She has been a widow for eleven years and felt that it takes about four years to get … Read More

Oprah’s Community

I just discovered that I can do my “Dream Board” on Oprah’s Community site. I can put images on it that represent my dreams, words that inspire me and set my goals. I just joined the community so my next … Read More

Passion Tree For Life

Passion Tree – I often think that there is a Passion Tree out there and I can pick anything I want off of it. The question is why do I hold back? We women don’t seem to be the risk … Read More

Positivity for Widows

While in Las Vegas I spent some time with a very special person, Kelly Eckert. She is the author of the book “Make Someone’s Moment” Positivity Girl’s Guide to Finding Joy in Making Others Happy. It is an inspiring guide … Read More

Money and Widows

When there was two incomes coming into the house I didn’t really plan for my once a year expenses. How there is only my income and I have to accept that financial change. If I continue to live with out … Read More

Brian Tracy

Brian Tracy and I in Las Vegas Oct 30,2010.  I have a picture of us that will always be a point of motivation for me. When I hit that brick wall I will get back up and remember that “Mary, … Read More

Brian Tracy

When I became a widow I had no passion and life was flat. I purchased some motivational DVD’s with Brian Tracy and I watched them every night. He talked about goal setting and living a life of passion. I didn’t … Read More

Don’t Judge Others

I recently had a conversation with a good friend who was having a hard time because a her brother didn’t like the way she acted or dressed. He thought she was too loud and opinionated. This really upset my friend … Read More

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