Widows Need to Live

Widows need to live, to start appreciating the things which help them stay balanced and keep them from being crushed under the weight of their grief. One of the great truths of life is that human beings need to have … Read More

Week 2 Summary – Workbook

Week 2 Summary – Workbook “Restore, Rebalance, Rejuvenate” Week 2: Health: Mental – Physical – Spiritual Do You Really Want to Change? Are You a Glass “Half Empty” or “Half Full” Person? Daily Habits to Support You Simplify Your Life … Read More

Widows Matter

Widows matter so I’m asking you, “What are you doing for yourself today?”  I hope that you are doing something that you love and rarely do, something that will rejuvenate your soul. There is nothing like losing your spouse to … Read More

Week 1 Summary – Workbook

Week 1 Summary – Workbook “Restore, Rebalance, Rejuvenate” Week 1: Your Past and Present State Analyze where you are today. Let go of the past. Feedback Exercise. Where are you today? Do it anyway. The beginning and staying motivated. Start … Read More

Holiday Guide

Holiday Guide – page 28.  Forget about what’s possible and what’s impossible. Let your mind drift as you think about all the possibilities. Here are a few worldly gifts to get you thinking: The gift of understanding and not being … Read More

Face The Holidays

“I can’t face the holidays!” is something I begin to hear from bereaved people as the holiday season approaches. During the coming weeks the music and decorations will be a painful reminder of Christmas without your loved one. Every year … Read More

Procrastinating Widows

Putting things off is something that happens often to us procrastinating widows.  Most of us find being totally responsible for our future terrifying.  Our fears become so exaggerated that we find ourselves procrastinating. If we talk through our fears, we … Read More

Believe In Yourself

Do you believe in yourself?  Healing starts there because every day is a new start of thoughts, dreams and hope.  To neglect today, as a widow, is to delay your healing in the future. There is no better day, opportunity … Read More

Winter Blues-SAD

Having the winter blues is hard enough without being a grieving widow.  We widows rely on the sun’s bright rays to help keep our spirits up.  That’s why when Fall and Winter arrive, with their short days and long nights, … Read More

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