A Widows Emotional Fatigue

Don’t be surprised if you are emotionally drained after the death of your loved one.  Your body is taking enormous amounts of energy just to fight your stress.   Lack of sleep – fatigue and weariness – can hit you … Read More


As you go through your grief process you may notice that churches can be very family oriented. It’s hard to watch other women with their husbands and so you may stop going. But this can cause even more separation and … Read More

Alone Time

Tips to get you to the point in your journey where you enjoy some healthy alone time: 1. Take some time for yourself before the day to day demands of life get you down. 2. Spend time with people you … Read More

Are you a “Busyholic”?

Your emotions swing like a pendulum, from one extreme to another. Looking for ways to avoid this loneliness, you may become a “busyholic”, never stopping. That way your grief can’t catch up to you. If this is you, then you … Read More

Stress Busters

Meditative state that you can easily slip into by repeating a word, phrase or muscular activity, and then focusing on the repetition, disregarding thoughts that inevitably come to mind. Cleaning creates a sense of peace.  You can’t rest with clutter … Read More

Music by Johnny Reid

I love to listen to my favorite music, sing, dance and enjoy the moment.  Music is fun, energizing, relaxing and as calming as we need it to be.  We celebrate our faith, remember events from the past , get together … Read More

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