It’s true we can’t control what others think, but we can control what we think.  Sometimes we just have to forgive ourselves and move on.

Turn Off Your TV

There is plenty of time to watch TV when your too old to get off the coach. Have some designated TV time but don’t set blindly in front of the TV every night and let life pass you by. Make … Read More

Worry Is A Killer

Worry wears down our resistance to disease and make no mistake, worry is a killer. I’m trying to make this one day a worry free day, things are either going to happen or not. Worry is a bad habit that … Read More

My life is a journey

My life is a journey of me discovering my own self-worth, my own magnificence and of me learning who I am. That’s my mission – to start having inner peace and to think about what contribution I can make to … Read More

Depression And Widows

Widows have to be careful that they don’t slip into depression. It is so easy to let everything go, because our whole life has changed. The symptoms to watch out for are lack of sleep, decreased interest in life, feelings … Read More


Today I was working at the hospital doing programming and I was in the Radition/Chemo area. As I walked by the waiting room I saw a lady about my age just sitting there. She had shoulder length hair and was … Read More

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