Caregivers Health

It is common for the health of caregivers to become compromised. Sometimes help for caregivers can be difficult to find but Hospice Volunteers go willingly into homes to relieve the caregivers as needed. When the need is there, it is … Read More

Widows – Stress and Lack of Sleep

Sleep is hard to come by when we lose our loved ones. It’s very important that we understand how lack of sleep affects our lives and what we can do about it. A list of what happens when we don’t … Read More

When Are You Too Old?

If you think that you are too old to do something that you've always wanted to do, you may want to reconsider and just go for it! Please complete the following exercise: What is the one thing I have always wanted … Read More

Changing Someone Else’s Behavior

When things are going bad, it’s usually made worse by someone else’s behavior. Sadly it’s hard enough to control our own behavior let alone control someone else’s. But there are some things we can do to help. There is this … Read More

Guide to Manage Stress and Sleep

Mary’s second Booklet – “A Guide to Manage Stress and Sleep” • Do you get so tired & stressed that you don’t have any energy to care about life? • Do you keep busy so that you’re exhausted at bed … Read More

Our Moods Are Always Changing

We are constantly thinking but we are not always aware that we are thinking or just how that thinking is affecting our moods.    Our moods will drop lower when we are grieving and life seems hopeless, but than something will happen … Read More

Isolation leads to Loneliness

Fight the urge towards privacy when you are grieving.  Privacy leads to being by yourself and that can only lead to loneliness. You need to invite people in, to make them part of your life and to be part of … Read More

Can Laughter Help You Grieve?

Laughter helps ease pain, it can ease depression, it’s a way to move and get into your inner child plus it’s a lot of fun.  Unfortunately, as adults we don’t remember how to have fun. Dr. Michael Miller, Director, Center … Read More

Wanting Natural Good Nights Sleep

One of the first things grief steals is our sleep when we need it more then ever. We can make some life changes such as avoiding coffee at night and exercising a few times a week.  But to tell you … Read More

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