Grieving Affects Our Health

If you experience some form of anxiety you are not alone because it is the most common mental issue in this country. It wasn’t that long ago that scientists believed that the mind had no effect on the body.  We … Read More

Della Reese From “Touched by an Angel”

Have you ever watched the TV show “Touched By An Angel”?  It was one of the rare shows that I would watch every week because it made me feel good about life and gave me hope for the future. Della … Read More

Having A Bad Day?

Bad days – we all have them.  One day everything is fine and the next everything looks grey and sad. The good news is that pain, while soul-crushing, is manageable.  The pain can steal my peace but it does leave behind … Read More

Use Education to Fight Mental Decline

When we lose a loved one we are under a lot of stress and that can contribute to our mental decline.   It’s wonderful news that education is a particularly important protector against mental decline.  That’s because education, like physical … Read More

Ending a Negative Relationship with Integrity

There are times when we have to accept that some people are too negative and the relationship needs to end.  The attitude you show when ending this relationship should be a class act. Just in case things should change remember … Read More

One of the 9 Best Blogs for Widows

I just received this message  I wanted to pass it on to my loyal followers: “ has named you as one of the “9 Best Blogs for Widows.” The rankings were published this morning, and we’ll be promoting it on-site … Read More

Widows Peak Retreat

I’m passing on this message I got from Lindsay Priester about the Widows Peak Retreat at the Art of Living Retreat Center in Boone: I’m writing to let you know about Widows Peak, a weekend retreat specially designed for anyone who … Read More

Sleeping Pills

Sleep is as vital to your health as diet and exercise.  But when your loved one dies sleep is hard to come by.   Sometimes on a temporary basis such as the loss of a loved one sleeping pills may … Read More

Get Enough Sleep

When we grieve its hard to get our sleep but lack of sleep can cause the following: Depression Increased irritability Loss of humor Stress Lack of interest in Socializing Weight gain or loss Sickness Loss of motivation  The consequences of … Read More

Fitness and Health Goals

Being on the path to a goal requires two things: knowing where you want to go and knowing where you currently are. There are a lot of paths that one can take to their health and fitness goals. But none … Read More

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