Grief Recovery Outreach Program

I will be teaching the Grief Recovery Outreach Programs throughout 2014. While there is no charge to attend course sessions, participants are required to purchase a Grief Recovery Method workbook at a cost of $25.00. I keep the classes small … Read More

Resources for Widows

Inside “The Sisterhood of Widows”  you will find sixteen widows to assist you in healing. These widows will really open your eyes to where you stand and may even help you get unstuck if you feel stuck or stagnant in your life right … Read More

Release Your Sadness

It’s ok to cry – in fact crying is a great way to release some of your sadness. So, pick a time when no one is around and let yourself be sad.  And let it be ok to really feel … Read More

Expressing Our Feelings

When we have something good happen to us we usually want to tell the people in our life. When you talk about it, you feel that good feeling again and talking about good things is easy to do.  It’s very … Read More

Controlling Stress

Our anxiety and stress is usually caused by something or someone. So, dealing with symptoms will only ever be half of the story. I know that the death of a loved one is the number one cause of high stress … Read More

Find Peace

Peace is a state of mind, and like kindness, it is very contagious.  We create peace by putting things into perspective because the truth is – life is short.  It’s healthy to live your life with a sense of urgency … Read More

Grief Recovery Method Guide for Loss

I recently became a Certified Grief Recovery Specialist® and I want to offer everyone a copy of their free e-book.  “The Grief Recovery Method Guide for Loss” has 61 tips on the experience of Grief and how to help people through it. Below … Read More

Journal’s Help Us To Heal

Keep a journal to help you focus on what works for you and helps you take control of the thoughts that keep you from seeing the beauty in yourself. I am a strong advocate for widows to be the best … Read More

Low Energy Thoughts and Words

Looking back, how healthy were you when you were at the best point of your life? The important thing to realize is that the quicker you avoid low energy thoughts and words, the healthier your physical body will be.  You … Read More

Prescription For Good Health

With age and the inevitable loss of friends and relatives, we need to increase our efforts to make new friends.  So here is my prescription for good health:  “Try to have a number of friends and be a good friend … Read More

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