Attitude of Gratitude Journal

The best advise I can give you is to keep an “attitude of gratitude journal”.  It keeps us widows focused on all the abundance that is currently in our lives.  Evidence is powerful. The more energy we focus on the … Read More

How Will You Survive The Holidays and Covid-19?

Christmas 2020 is definitely going to be different from any other that we’ve experienced.  But, the truth is for us widows, Christmas is different with or without Covid-19. We don’t have our loved ones and there are no dreams for … Read More

Holiday Questions for Widows

Holiday Questions for Widows What are your true feelings about the holidays as a widow? What is one of your favorite holiday memories from childhood? What was your favorite thing to do with your family during the holidays? What is … Read More

Can a Widow Be Generous Without Going Broke?

Widows are not usually in the Christmas mood, and so sometimes they try to get in the spirit by over shopping for their loved ones.  But be careful because when depressed, it’s easy to seek out that temporary high by … Read More

Widows Heal By Forgiving

The holidays were designed to remind us that love for each other is the most valuable of all gifts.  However, I know many widows who have suffered at the hands of others and unfortunately they have descended into a frozen … Read More

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