Spirit Of a Widow

I want to inspire “The Spirit of a Widow” in you so you can see yourself as a strong woman who can overcome her fears and trials. I know you can boldly face “widowhood” and can handle difficulties with courage.  … Read More

No Regrets

In the dark, long days of grief, it’s natural to spend time internally focused, looking back over our lives.  We should learn from our past, grow from our decisions, have no regrets, and come to a place of greater wisdom … Read More

Believe In Yourself

To believe in yourself is so very important, because without it, healing your broken heart will be an uphill battle. If you don’t truly believe you’re capable of healing, your chances of success are limited.  On the other hand, if … Read More

Overwhelmed Widow

When it comes to being an overwhelmed widow, the best way to get back your balance is to quiet yourself down.  If you don’t know what to do next – don’t do anything.  Get still, take a deep breath and … Read More

Healthy Ways to Grieve

When you are grieving it’s easy to feel that nobody understands what you are going through.  It’s important for you to seek healthy ways to grieve, ways that personally work for you. The problem with suffering in silence is that … Read More

Widows Controlling Stress

I know being on our own is hard and that widows controlling stress is not easy.  I knew my diet wasn’t very healthy, but I couldn’t summon much motivation to change in those early days.  Instead, I choose to not … Read More

Saving Money and Being Frugal

Most widows have had their household income reduced and so saving money and being frugal has become a necessary part of their grief journey. Here are a few tips to help you: Be a savvy consumer and never buy a … Read More

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