Widows Need to Live

Widows need to live, to start appreciating the things which help them stay balanced and keep them from being crushed under the weight of their grief. One of the great truths of life is that human beings need to have … Read More

Week 2 Summary – Workbook

Week 2 Summary – Workbook “Restore, Rebalance, Rejuvenate” Week 2: Health: Mental – Physical – Spiritual Do You Really Want to Change? Are You a Glass “Half Empty” or “Half Full” Person? Daily Habits to Support You Simplify Your Life … Read More

Widows Matter

Widows matter so I’m asking you, “What are you doing for yourself today?”  I hope that you are doing something that you love and rarely do, something that will rejuvenate your soul. There is nothing like losing your spouse to … Read More

Week 1 Summary – Workbook

Week 1 Summary – Workbook “Restore, Rebalance, Rejuvenate” Week 1: Your Past and Present State Analyze where you are today. Let go of the past. Feedback Exercise. Where are you today? Do it anyway. The beginning and staying motivated. Start … Read More

Maximize Your Decisions

To maximize your decisions widows have to ask themselves, “what now?”  Life has asked each widow the same question, but we have chosen to answer totally different from each other, and that’s okay. Every decision is a matter of choosing … Read More

Gift Giving

Gift giving is the last thing on your mind when grieving, but your children and grandchildren will expect Christmas gift giving to continue, as it has in the past.  Our energy is low when grieving and joyful gift shopping is … Read More

Time for Yourself

Is it hard to find time for yourself?  For some widows they have way too much time for themselves, but for others the holidays mean doing the work of two, but all on your own. For those widows this article … Read More

Face The Holidays

“I can’t face the holidays!” is something I begin to hear from bereaved people as the holiday season approaches. During the coming weeks the music and decorations will be a painful reminder of Christmas without your loved one. Every year … Read More

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