Advice Widows Have Found Helpful

You will be feeling a considerable amount of emotional pain and it’s normal not to want to be around others in the initial months following their death. While we are grieving we are not our usual selves and you may … Read More

Tell Others How to Help You

Let your friends and family know that their comforting presence (a hug or a touch) is important. They can help with shopping, cooking, errands or drives to appointments. It also helps us to talk about our loved ones and our … Read More

Peace, Balance and Enjoyment

This last month I’ve been so busy finishing my “Dating Guide for Widows” and starting my YouTube channel for “The Sisterhood of Widows” that I got out of balance.  Even though I love the work I do for widows, I … Read More

How Does Life Go On?

Life goes on they say, but how can it, how dare it without our loved one? To fully heal our hearts, we must give ourselves permission to be happy. Eventually, as our heart heals, we will still miss them, but … Read More

Endings Are Also New Beginnings

The sense of helplessness and numbness that is common the first year, are signs of an ending and also a new beginning. You are experiencing the end of your married life and the couple world, to begin your life as … Read More

Acknowledge Our Loss at Christmas

Though it’s easier to talk about almost anything than the dead, the dead are what mourners most need to talk about – especially jurying this festive season. Therefore please do not shy away from sharing your memories. Don’t try to … Read More

A Widow’s World – Victim or Survivor

The longer I’m a widow, the less interested I am in “the cold hard truth”, and the more interested I become in the way we see that “cold hard truth”. The truth is not so much what happened, but how … Read More

A Widow’s First Year

Every widow is unique and responds to grief and healing at her own pace. It is essential never to compare one widow to another. Each and every widow has her own individual beliefs about how to deal with her feelings … Read More

What to Say to Widows

Don’t expect all your friends and family to know what to say to you. They may try but often it does nothing to acknowledge the emotions you are feeling and comes across more like unsolicited advice. There is one phrase … Read More

Grief Shouldn’t Be Ignored

You may have been independent in your marriage and so you didn’t fall apart due to having to make all the decisions, paying bills etc. but the finality of their death can still overwhelm you. You can’t listen to the … Read More

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