A Widows Checklist – How Are You Doing?

Please answer these questions honestly and consider how far you have come in your grief journey: • I have given myself permission to grieve when I need to. • I am expressing my grief and not burying it inside me. … Read More

A Widows Grief Process

Take a close look at the emotions listed and understand that you may feel some or all of them.  These are all normal and healthy symptoms of the grief process and should be acknowledged. Sadness – You may feel such … Read More

How Do You Know When You Need Help?

The stress of losing your husband can lead to a lot of emotional problems that can interfere with your daily living. Before I go any further, I’m not talking about grief which is a healthy expression of your emotions.  I’m … Read More

Transition – Stages Of Grief

I wanted to understand why my husband died so young, at the age of only fifty-three.  I wanted to figure out why it happened, so I could move on. Transition is the beginning of realizing  that there is no clear … Read More

Letting Go – Stages of Grief

It’s tough to let go of the strong emotional ties which remain after the death of a loved one.  Nevertheless, it is important to stop investing emotionally into what you cannot change. Instead begin to invest your time in productive … Read More

Anger – Stages Of Grief

Grieving is an important part of your recovery journey.  But we might also go through a lot of anger as we grieve our loss.  Most widowed people are not aware that they are capable of such rage because they have … Read More

Old Friends – Stages Of Grief

As you’ve discovered grief is quite painful and you need your friends more then ever. Unfortunately, many couple friends are lost when you are no longer part of a couple. Your old couple friends may have a party and your … Read More

Loneliness – Stages of Grief

When you lose your loved one, the feelings of loneliness are the strongest that you will probably ever know.  Many of your daily living habits will be altered now that your loved one is gone. As a couple you do … Read More

Fear – Stages Of Grief

Have you ever been lost?  That feeling of not knowing how to find your way feels life threatening and can make you fearful. It can be so overwhelming that you want to hide from your fear by either not leaving … Read More

Denial – Stages Of Grief

Denial as in “I can’t believe this is happening” can be a safety mechanism for when our pain is overwhelming us.  By putting our pain into “denial” we give ourselves some time to digest what is happening. The bad news … Read More

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