Bitterness and Resentment

When you lose someone you love, you may feel bitter about them “going before their time”. It’s easy to resent others that are describing their difficulties with their spouse, child or parent.  In your head a little voice is saying, … Read More

Quiet Time – Simple Things

Can you enjoy your own quiet time without being lonely or do you consistently need noise or entertainment? Are you able to enjoy simple things like the sound of rain or a child’s laughter? Can you be kind to a … Read More

Emotional Chaos

Feelings of distraction, distress, or emotional chaos are natural and appropriate responses to be going through.  Having these feeling doesn’t make us a basket case.  We needn’t downplay these emotions, nor do we benefit from “checking out” until we are … Read More

Reflection and Discovery

As I began to take stock of my life and make new and different choices, I perceived this stage as a period of reflection and discovery that comes of being able to look both backwards and forward with a certain … Read More


Most people make the mistake of thinking that “time” will heal your pain. They are wrong because it’s not the passing of time that counts, but what you do with that time. Time Magazine says that it can take an … Read More

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