Why Do Couple Friends Disappear?

YouTube video I did about why couple friends disappear. A lot of widows not only lose their husbands they also lose some friends that continue life/travel as a couple and you are not – sadly you are now single.

Is Willpower Overrated?

First, willpower is definitely overrated and it’s a myth that you just need a little more willpower and you can do anything.  Not only is it overrated, it can lead to great disappointments because willpower is fueled by our emotions.  … Read More

Are You a Bored Widow?

As a widow, life is forever changed and we often need some help to rebalance our life. Sure we know that we need to try new things but if the task is too hard we get tired and frustrated, and … Read More

Is It Time To Move Foward?

Widows start out uncertain about their next move – or second guess if they should make one at all. While making decisions can feel daunting, moving forward may be easier then you think: 1. Understand that it’s not going to … Read More

Widows Supporting Widows

Thank you for stopping by to share your journey with us. As widows we want to encourage each other. We understand the pain of grief and are here for you. Always be respectful of each other’s point of view, as … Read More

Holiday Tips for Widows

Today I would like to share some tips that may help us widows get through this stressful time. Enjoy your children and grandchildren.  After all that’s what the holidays are suppose to be about. 2.  Don’t start party drinking, because … Read More

A Widow’s First Christmas

If you have a friend or family member going through their first Christmas, you need to tread carefully around their emotions. If there is a get together and they hear that you invited everyone but them, they are likely to … Read More

The Start of the Holiday Season

Well, it’s that time of year again, when holidays are starting and everyone is talking about being thankful and grateful. The holiday season starts with Thanksgiving Day and goes through till New Year’s Day. Being thankful is a positive way … Read More

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving Weekend

I hope that you enjoy your Thanksgiving Day – either in Canada or the United States. I know that gratitude is hard to find when you have lost a loved one, but it is a necessary step in your healing. … Read More

Widows Need Inspiration

You are grieving and I imagine that you are in need of a little inspiration – a little dose of creative energy. Do you paint, write, decorate, play music etc.? Maybe you think that you didn’t get the creative gene … Read More

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