Don’t Ask These 3 Questions

I know it’s hard to be a widow, but I want you to stop worrying about things that are just not worth your energy.  Please don’t ask these 3 questions because they focus on the negative and you need to … Read More

Widows Deserve Happy Lives

The one thing widows don’t understand after the death of their husbands is that widows deserve happy lives.  Few widows believe they deserve all the best of life as they move forward on their own. It took me a while … Read More

Widows In Love With Love

Watch out for the fantasy of “being in love” where you don’t give much thought to whether he is really right for you.  Widows in love with love often get hurt. In the video Mary talks about the “Seven mistakes … Read More

American Thanksgiving 2020

For new widows all holidays are difficult, but finding things to be thankful for, especially in 2020, is a stretch. You’re grieving, don’t try to be something you’re not. Let grief have it’s time and don’t hide behind the “I’m … Read More

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