End Of The Year 2012

My biggest regret is that my husband and I deferred enjoyment until the kids grew up and before that happened he died. We should have reached out for opportunities to have fun and had more of a social life. We … Read More

Five Years as a Widow

As I begin to take stock of my life and make new and different choices I feel some peace of mind.  I perceive this stage of my journey as a period of reflection and I discovered the wisdom that comes … Read More

Jennifer – A Widow’s Story

Mary I read the advice on your website and it was helpful. I came across your website because I was browsing at the widow and widowers meet dot com dating website. I lost my husband Mark De Selles February 9, … Read More

Widows and Ways To Change Your Focus

Make a list of ways that can change your focus and your thinking into a more positive frame of mind.  I love playing music and reading is another way to make myself feel good.  It changes my focus from feeling … Read More

Travelling as a Widow – Nackawic

I’m travelling on the road alot these days and sometimes I drive by a tourist area because I’m on a mission to get where I’m going.  But this one hot July day I saw the road sign that said “Nackawic … Read More

Widows and their Funeral Stories

Widow stories about funerals from the book “The Sisterhood of Widows”.   There is no “sacred cow” when it comes to funerals and more people are adding their own special and personal touches to the funerals of their loved ones. … Read More

Widows – Life Is Never the Same Again

As I think back in time my earliest recollection of death was that of my grandfather.  Children have a strange understanding of life and death that often leaves them with a bewildered acceptance. I was young (about eight) and what … Read More

Smet Monuments and Widows

I want to thank Steve Spires of Smet Monuments for having me as a speaker at his annual sales convention. I drove down to St. Stephen on Saturday and as usual I’m all keyed up and nervous about speaking to a … Read More

Do You Feel Empty Inside?

A grieving widow has an empty feeling in her gut; and she may expect friends to help fill it.  You need to express your feelings of grief, but it’s a fine line because if you are continually repeating yourself some … Read More

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