Are Widows and Their Money Soon Parted?

Most of us know by now that money doesn’t bring happiness but the truth is that the lack of money can bring plenty of pain. I’m not talking about money to buy a fancy car or a vacation home or … Read More

Part Six – Widows and Self-Care

It’s easy not to pay attention to our emotional and physical health when we are grieving, until there is a problem – but then it may be too late to fix it. We need to take care of ourselves because … Read More

Valentine’s Day as a Widow

Often we respond to the pain in our lives by instinctively shutting it out of our mind.  Denial is a form of disengagement but although it numbs the pain, it also delays our healing. Facing the truth about how our … Read More

CAA Magazine November 2011

Check out your November 2011 CAA magazine.  I have a great article in it about the value of booking your trips through CAA instead of online.  When Donnie and I booked our cruise in the summer of 2007 we had … Read More

7 Steps To Inner Peace by Joyce Sheldon

It was my husband’s dream to retire to Florida, live on the water and have a boat. After raising seven children (3 of mine, 4 of his), this was a dream worth following. Two months after our move, he was … Read More

Are You Hurting?

Go ahead, acknowledge that you’re hurting.  It’s natural, expected and even healthy to feel the pain so you can eventually heal. Can I help you?  Well, I can at least share with you some of the stories from widows who … Read More

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