June 7, 2008– Entries from my journals

Being busy doesn’t stop me from thinking of Donnie. At the oddest time a feeling of deep sadness suddenly comes across me and I just want to cry. I wish I had him back so I could tell him how … Read More

January 6, 2008 – Entries from my journals

Today I was being lazy and was drifting in and out of sleep. At 9:20 I heard an odd sound like a phone ringing. I picked up the phone and heard Donnie as clear as anything. He said “It’s OK, … Read More

December 28th, 2007 – Entries from my journals

Well, Angela and I made it through our first Christmas without Donnie. Angela did me a stocking and bought me gifts from Santa. She worked Christmas Eve till 11:00 and when she got home we opened up one present each. … Read More

December 18, 2007 continued – Entries from my journals

On Tuesday September 4th, Donnie was in the hospital and they told him about the cancer. On Tuesday September 11th, Donnie and I got up early to get ready for Donnie’s doctor appointment at 7:00. Donnie was sitting at the … Read More

December 18, 2007 – Entries from my journals

It’s time I wrote down what has happened in the last few months. Friday, August 31st we were at the cottage and the doctor called about Donnie’s tests. I took the call because Donnie was out and he told me … Read More

June 20, 2007 – Entries from my journals

Donnie and I went to Angela’s graduation for her Licensed Practical Nurse (LPN). We are so proud of her and you should have seen Donnie. He stood up and whistled and clapped like crazy when she crossed the stage to … Read More

May 14, 2007 – Entries From My Journals

This is the year of my 50th birthday and the book “The Secret” was just released. I’m going to listen to my thoughts and take better care of myself. It was my birthday today and I spent a perfect weekend … Read More

Europe Vacation

I’m away for the next 2 weeks and so I’m doing advance postings from my 2007 and 2008 private journals.  It will cover that first year after Donnie’s death and they will be dated.  I hope that it will help … Read More

What would Donnie think?

Elaine Shannon posted a video with me talking about the journey I’m on and an old friend of Donnie’s commented that he would be proud of me. That got me thinking – What would he think? He wouldn’t understand why … Read More

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