No Regrets

In the dark, long days of grief, it’s natural to spend time internally focused, looking back over our lives.  We should learn from our past, grow from our decisions, have no regrets, and come to a place of greater wisdom … Read More

A Widow’s Journal

A widow’s journal is a private place to express her inner fears, thoughts and feelings.  By writing it all out you will come closer to understanding who you are and who you want to be going forward.  Your insights and … Read More

Grief Has No Limits

When our husbands died the question, “What am to do next?” comes to mind.  First thing a widow should do is to just let herself grieve, and understand that grief has no limits.  There is no time schedule and widows … Read More

Live With Integnity

It’s important that as we grieve we continue to live with integnity.  As widows we have to be careful that we don’t get scammed and taken advantage of. But, on the other side we don’t want to take the easy … Read More

First Year As A Widow

YouTube video called “First Year As A Widow” is where I talk about some of the things you need to watch out for as a widow. You’re grieving hard this first year and you will be facing some major changes to … Read More

Are You Home?

I mean – are you home, really home and not just a place that provides a roof over your head, and a bed to sleep in?  It’s a big and important question, because the answer sets the course for everything … Read More

Nine Questions Widows Should Ask

How much do you know and understand about you, “the widow”? I feel duty bound to mention that getting to know yourself is one of life’s most thrilling and worthwhile endeavors. Here are nine questions widows should ask themselves.   … Read More

Audio Book for Widows

Audio Book for Widows – “The Sisterhood of Widows”, Chapter One comes directly from the pages of the book for widows which was written from hours of interviews conducted by the author Mary Francis.    The Sisterhood of … Read More

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