This is a social group that gets together both on our Facebook and Face-to-Face.  It’s where widows who have lost a loved one can share their fears and hear from other widows.  It's about healing and learning to have fun as we get back on our feet. 

Share online or/and get out socially by joining our monthly Face-to-Face “Chick’s Night Out” group meetings.  Join us online to find out where our meetings and get togethers are.  Find out what we have planned, so you can join us for some safe social time with others that understand the pain of grief.

There are no fees and no obligations – just new friends to meet. 

We sometimes have guest speakers, games, have a movie night or just about anything could be happening at our meetings.  No invitation is necessary, just bring a friend and a potluck dish to share with the group. A special meal with friends is a gift of healing.  There are no fees and no obligations – just new friends to meet.


Past Events

  • Speakers on Health and Finances                                  

  • Christmas Party with Santa and his Elf

  • Halloween Party                                                                      

  • Church Supper

  • Kings Landing Christmas Bus Trip                               

  • Bangor Shopping Bus Trip

  • New Year’s Eve Overnight PJ Party                              

  • New Year Day Breakfast at Restaurant

  • Makeup Party

  • Swap Party – you never know what you will be taking home

  • Cards and Games

  • Overnights – cottage, BBQ, campfire etc.

  • Bling, Bling dress up night

For more information please email Mary Francis