This page is just for you because we understand what it is like to go from cooking for a family to cooking for one.  Stress and depression can affect your health.  Sometimes we spend so much time looking after others we don’t look after ourselves.

We are here to help you get back on track and find your new path to health and happiness.  Part of good health is eating right and below are some great resource links to help you out.

Tips on Cooking for One

Articles on Cooking for One



  • When cooking for one, I make a point to use plates and cutlery.  I was starting to eat out of the pan because it was easier.  Of course that meant that I had no portion control and I ate without enjoying it.
  • When cooking for one, you should be thinking about cooking portions for four. Eat one portion at once, save one for the next day and freeze two portions.
  • When shopping for one, try to find smaller packages so foods don’t go bad. Even if it is cheaper to buy in bulk, you waste money when you throw out food that has gone bad.
  • You can buy meat in the family pack and re-package them in smaller portions to freeze.
  • Buy reusable freeze containers that are the right size to freeze your meal portions in.

You deserve more than a quick meal out of a can or take out food.  Take time to prepare a meal and eat at a nicely set table.  It takes some effort but it reinforces that your meal time is to be enjoyed.  A meal is always better when shared with friends – so invite some friends over and have some fun.