Important Friendships

You have likely already heard how important friendships are when you are grieving. Recent studies show that lonely grievers are more likely to develop high blood pressure, sleep poorly and get sick more often. On the other hand if you … Read More


Caregiving is emotionally stressful.  Caregiving is physically demanding, there’s no doubt about that, but the emotional stress can be even more draining. Whether you’re caring for a loved one or you’re a full time caregiver in your area, you will … Read More

Create Peace

Create peace and control our worry by being aware of how you are living and before you know it internal peace will come naturally to you. Peace is a state of mind, and like kindness, it is very contagious. We … Read More

Listened as Widows

I have listened as widows tell me that the “fun” side of them has virtually disappeared. It seems that along their way, while grieving and facing the responsibilities of being single, they have lost sight of having fun – just … Read More

Widow’s Identity

When society changes our “label” from wife to widow, we are forced to figure out our “widow’s identity”. We are so much more then a “widow” and we should never let that “label” define us. Moving forward we need to … Read More

The Loneliness Factor

The Loneliness Factor When our spouses were alive, we were more content to sit around on a Saturday night to watch TV and eat leftovers.  But now they are gone and loneliness is our new companion. So our desire to … Read More

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