Surviving As a Widow

To “survive” as per the dictionary means “to live after the death of another person: to continue, endure; to come through alive”. I think that surviving as a widow is more than just “coming through alive”.  It’s a part of … Read More

Mindfulness Meditation

Widows often struggle with sleepless nights and this is where “mindfulness meditation” can be the most helpful. It is the simple practice of bringing your attention to the present moments – to a word, your breath, sounds or even the … Read More

Healing Choice

Every widow grieves her own way and will come to the point where her healing choice is necessary.  The types of healing needed will differ depending upon the widow and her circumstances. The properties of healing are present in our … Read More

Social Anxiety

I think we all have “social anxiety” at one time or another, but widows really suffer from this.  It’s important to recognize our feelings of social anxiety. Feeling that you’re being judged. Believing that others would humiliate you. Trying too … Read More

Our Inner Voice

The most important voice we need to listen to is “Our Inner Voice”.  Each time a widow ignores her inner voice she shrinks inside of herself.  The more she denies her voice, the more she fears rejection.  Instead of relying … Read More

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