Unrealistic Goals

Setting unrealistic goals for ourselves actually sets us up for failure as we chase the impossible. • Accept that some things are just out of your control and there isn’t anything you can do • Know that you don’t need … Read More

Creativity is not reserved for artists and musicians.

We are all born with creative ability and we create our lives with the thoughts we think. If you change your thoughts and become open to exploring the full expanse of your talents and creativity, you will see new opportunities. … Read More

Develop A Support Team

A support team will help you through this differcult time. Friends, family, a counselor or therapist, and trusted financial professionals can all help you gather information, review, make decisions, file paperwork or simply be there for you when you need … Read More

Couple friends change when your a widow.

One thing that I noticed when I became a widow is that couple friends slowly moved away from me. They didn’t plan to be mean but after all I was no longer “a couple” and so I didn’t fit into … Read More

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