Moments, Fleeting Moments

I was paying my respect at the Funeral Home tonight for a much loved man. The place was packed with people who came to share their memories and love for this man. In the end we will all die, but … Read More


Most people make the mistake of thinking that “time” will heal your pain. They are wrong because it’s not the passing of time that counts, but what you do with that time. Time Magazine says that it can take an … Read More

Internet Safety

Protect yourself from intenet fraud: 1. Password should have both upper and lower case numbers, letters and symbols. 2. Never use an automatic log-in that saves your username and password. 3. Always click on “sign off” or “log off” when … Read More

Message from one Widow

Email about the book – “Even though the stories are different, we all share some of the common thread of feelings. A couple of the ladies, and I believe, you referred to it yourself – “the emptiness” A few years … Read More

NBAEAP Conference

Thank you Eldon for the following reference – “Mary did a breakout session at our NBAEAP conf. on Monday. She did an excellent job. She captured the audience like a pro, which has a lot to be said for a … Read More

Memory Quilt

One of the ladies brought a quilt to our monthly meeting that she had made out of her late husbands T-Shirts. It was beautiful and each square was a T-Shirt that he had worn. It gave her comfort and kept … Read More

Time Does Help Heal

Thank you everyone for your comments and encouragement about my journal entries. I’ve come a long way since Donnie’s death thanks to my family and friends. I truly believe that healing comes from sharing your life with others. The more … Read More

Back From Europe

I had the trip of a lifetime visiting Spain, Italy, Greece, Turkey and Malta. I enjoyed the history of Europe and they have beautiful monuments and churches. They have alot to be proud of and we are certainly a new … Read More

November 8, 2008 – Entries from my journals

I had a wave of home sickness yesterday where I really missed Donnie and our old house. It still doesn’t seem real. Bob and Jimmy closed up the cottage and I was glad because it just wasn’t for me this … Read More

October 3, 2008 – Entries from my journals

I’m moving forward and writing my book. My hope is that every widow will be able to see herself in the stories and know that she is not alone. I have to keep encouraging myself that I can do this … Read More

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