The Northern Light Newspaper

The Northern Light newspaper did an article for when I spoke at the Bathurst Heritage Museum on November 21, 2010. The women were amazing and we had quite an active conversation about how life changes when you lose someone you … Read More

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Get a Free Newsletter called “A Shared Journey” with articles from professionals dealing with finances, estate planning, family, friends, dating and much more. It will have positive quotes, book suggestions, tips and advise and all for free. Sign up for … Read More

House deal fell apart

I think that selling a house has to rank in the top 10 for stressful things we have to deal with in our lives. Oh, well – it wasn’t meant to be. It will be interesting to see what happens … Read More

Sell or Keep My House

I have it on the market and now it has an offer and I’m getting nervous. I guess change is like that, it makes you nervous and yet excited at the same time. I certainly don’t need both a house … Read More

January Is The Start Over Month

Everyone has a clean slate with new goals for health, finance and personal relationships. With the loss of a loved one we have already been forced into a new start. It wasn’t planned or wanted but here it is. We … Read More

Looking back at 2010

I sat down and thought about the struggles I had and what did I learn from them? What did I learn about myself? What difference did I make in 2010? All of what I’ve gone through has made me what … Read More

News 88.9 Saint John

I was on a live talk show with Tom Young this afternoon. The radio talk show was heard on News 95.7 Halifax, News 88.9 Saint John and News 91.9 Moncton. Tom asked some very insightful questions and spoke about the … Read More

New Years Eve. as a Widow

I thought the holidays were hard but nothing highlights loneliness more then New Years Eve without your husband. This is one night that I still have not figured out a way to avoid. Everything about it shouts out “couples” and … Read More

Another Christmas is over

It seems that it builds up for weeks and its over in a day. It’s all quite exhausting, both emotionally and physically. I can see why more and more people choose to go away on vacation. But if your not … Read More

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