Negative Emotions

Negative emotions are costly and inefficient.

There was a study done of 678 aging Nuns in the School Sisters of Notre Dame Congregation.  Nuns whose writing expressed a preponderance of positive emotions ( happiness, love, hope, gratitude and contentment) tended to live longer and more productive lives.  Those with more negative emotions (discontent, unhappiness, sadness) lived shorten and more unhealthy lives.

Studies show that depression – the most insidious of all negative emotions- increases twofold the likelihood of eventually developing Alzheimer’s.

Aflter reading about this I realized that I have to make an effort not to get stuck in negativity.  I don’t want to spend the last ten years of my life with Alzheimer’s, in a diaper, in some nursing home.  Now that’s a picture that’s both disturbing and distressing.

Being positive is a delusion because it’s not possible without faith in something other than yourself.  We can’t do it on our own because the negative pull is strong and it’s like swimming against the current.  We will tire and weaken from the struggle.  But faith gives us the strength to believe that our lives will get better and we will find joy again.  Positive emotions will start to rise up and we will be able to hold on to them when we don’t try to do it all on our own.

  1. Ellen
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    Your blog has really been a beslsing to me. Thank you for sharing so openly and honestly about your pain and your joy. This post was a wonderful way to help guide others who want to offer comfort to friends and loved ones but don’t know how to start.

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