Make Home Yours

Your home was a home that was shared with your spouse and how you may not feel at home in your own house.  Do you dread facing the empty house when you come home?

Slowly and carefully you may want to make some small changes, but only when it feels right to you.  Start with one room by looking around it and deciding on what you want to keep and what would be more comfortable for you.

It could be as simple as moving a plant into an empty corner or getting a new cover for your bed.  The moment you make one simple change, you are starting to make the home yours.

Be willing to experiment and remember that even though your loved one does not live there anymore, their spirit remains in your memories not in physical objects.  Move things around, take some away and add something new.  Slowly, you can breathe some freshness into your home and it will be more welcoming when you walk into it.

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