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Survivors Guide to Holidays and Special Occasions

Special occasions can be a time of joy and anticipation but for people who’ve recently lost a loved one, the weeks between Thanksgiving and New Years can seem like a minefield of anxiety, anger and depression – not to mention Valentine day, birthdays and anniversaries.


Widow to Widow – Mary’s Favorite Blog Postings

It has been my pleasure to have written well over 1,000 personal blog postings from 2010 to 2018. I have picked my favorite postings to create this 91 page book.

I am also including as a bonus, written entries from my private journals. These entries are from when my husband died in 2007 and my first year as a widow in 2008.


Dating Guide for Widows

Come, let me guide you to a new, happy and committed relationship. I know this journey can be frightening, but I promise to give you all the tools necessary to be safe and happy. You don’t have to be fearful about choosing the right partner.

Loving again can fill us with joy, pierce our loneliness and bring us true happiness, but only if we choice wisely.


Bonus Report – The Top 12 Mistakes Widows Make
*only available with bundle deal

This 34 page report is for widows and its purpose is to save you from making mistakes that other widows have made.  It will support and encourage you on your grief journey.

Whatever has driven you to this point, it would appear that you are in search of answers.  You are one of those fortunate widows who has reached the part in her grieving journey where she is ready to start her healing.

Regular Price for the three guides is $ 17.85

Bundle Price for the three guides plus the bonus report is just $ 10.00

This bundle deal is offered as PDF downloads only.

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